Last Day and First Day for Ed Felten

Ed Felten and his wife Laura are moving to DC, where he is starting a new job: deputy chief technology officer in the White House. We said farewell to the Feltens on their last Sunday at Princeton United Methodist Church, where Laura has taught Sunday School for forever. The children were asked, “How many of … Continue reading Last Day and First Day for Ed Felten

Ed Felten: Foil the Online Trackers

How to foil the “trackers,” those who follow you on the web in order to market to your tastes? If you are buying health products, and you don’t want the insurance companies to know about your condition, buy with cash and without a loyalty card, says Ed Felten, the computer science and public affairs professor … Continue reading Ed Felten: Foil the Online Trackers

Ed Felten warned against the Mosaic Effect in testimony on November 20 before the federal Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. The feds could protect our privacy by changing the rules.

I was thinking that I might have bamboozled the snoops by combining my buying account with my husband’s. Just let them try to figure out the profile of someone who buys toys and lug wrenches and also lipsticks.

In case I am not as smart as I think, maybe I should consult with Ed.

Surveillance Knights: Doctorow and Felten

Liberation can turn into surveillance, they warned. Two anti-surveillance knights of the internet, science fiction author Cory Doctorow and Princeton University tech guru Ed Felten, spoke at Labyrinth Bookstore today, co-sponsored by the Princeton Public Library. The Internet is the nervous system of the 21st century, said Felten. Just as language helped cave men collaborate, the … Continue reading Surveillance Knights: Doctorow and Felten

Felten: Dollars, Euros — and Bitcoin

There are 12.4 million Bitcoins in existence — but … the Federal Reserve doesn’t know much about Bitcoin. And one of Bitcoin’s major banks just did a face plant. Yet  Ed Felten, former technology guru for the FTC, now returned to Princeton University to teach, says Bitcoin is one of his top predictions for what … Continue reading Felten: Dollars, Euros — and Bitcoin

Living in Trump World

The cover story for this week’s U.S. 1 Newspaper offers four suggestions for “Living in Trump World.” Cybersecurity aka soon-to-be-Princeton-resident-again Ed Felten  Obamacare re  Uwe Reinhardt and Heather Howard Climate change, re Palmer Square based Climate Central, which also had some pertinent and dismaying comments about Trump’s cabinet picks. Influencing Congress, re Sam Wang’s views on … Continue reading Living in Trump World

Journeying to Bethlehem from Nassau & Vandeventer

Everyone – kids and adults — will be in Biblical costume on Sunday, December 4, 4 to 5:30 p.m., when the social hall at Princeton United Methodist Church will be transformed into a Bethlehem Marketplace. How can everyone be in costume? Must you wear one to attend? No. But if you have something from home, you’ll … Continue reading Journeying to Bethlehem from Nassau & Vandeventer