Chris Kuenne: An Idea Is Not Enough

When you find one thing that you are passionate about, says Chris Kuenne, founder of Rosetta, explore it — academically or professionally. I talked to Kuenne for U.S. 1 last year, when he had just bought another firm and had 175 employees at American Metro and 725 people worldwide.

Just 10 weeks later he sold his digital agency to the giant conglomerate Publicis for $575 million. And no, he didn’t leak that. But it must have been in his mind. Ten years before he had evaded a Publicis takeover by buying out his division of another firm.

Read the U.S. 1 story to learn about his father, a Princeton University professor who died of Lou Gehrig’s disease. “He taught me that an idea is just not enough, you have to work it, develop it, and ultimately master it, for it to have relevance in the world,” said Kuenne then. Kuenne started out at Johnson and Johnson and got the idea of interactive marketing — working it, developing it, and mastering it.

Check out the short form of his bio on the Princeton Regional Chamber website. And sign up to hear Kuenne tell the secrets of entrepreneurial success at the Princeton Regional Chamber lunch on Thursday, November 3. His topic: “Marketing with Personality: Identify & Understand What Drives Consumers to Buy Your Product.” He has an amazing story.

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