Scan – Then Enjoy – Your Photos

 A flooded basement spurred me into action. After almost losing 50 years of precious photos, like the adorable one at left of me with my sister and cousins, I got them organized and scanned with the help of Stephanie Black, Photographer and Photo Organizer.

Stephanie offers scanning, retouching, archiving, and photo sharing services. She comes to your house with her deluxe extra-speedy scanner. You get a DVD with all your photos on it, organized into files. Her mantra is — make copies of everything, then keep only the good ones, the ones you really want to see in scrapbooks, to flip through them over and over again. The rest you can see on a screen.
She puts your photos through her factory-fast scanner. You get a DVD with ALL your photos on it, organized by folders, i.e. “1972” or “Alice wedding” or “picture of Grandma” or whatever.
A competitive photo scanning by mail service exists, but you don’t get the same personal service. For instance, Black does minor retouches as she scans. Plus you don’t have to worry about the photos getting lost in the mail.  
Because she is a professional photographer, she can take proper photos of your larger prints, rather than your having to send them to an expensive scanning service.
Once the scans are done, she can help you make a book or online gallery for sharing purposes.

Black is based in New York but comes to Princeton frequently and will be here through Wednesday, February 6. Email to find out more or make an appointment.

So did you guess which is me? Standing with my tall sister, I’m the second from left, age eight. 

1 thought on “Scan – Then Enjoy – Your Photos

  1. interesting option.I had some slides scanned with the mail off system. Quality was fine, but file organization was poor. They did not name them as I requested.

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