Troubling Issue: Female Circumcision

Female circumcision can be eliminated without destroying African culture and tradition, says Daniel Naylor, who will lead the Troubling Issues forum series at Princeton United Methodist Church on Sunday, February 10, at 4:30 p.m. In his talk “Addressing Female Circumcision from a Theological Perspective,” he will present the four primary motivators for the initiation rituals that continue in many communities, particularly in East Africa. “The meanings behind traditional Christian practices, in many ways, mirror the rituals – and can meet the needs of African communities while honoring their culture,” says Naylor.

Rev. Don Brash will moderate the discussion.
Naylor plans a trip to Africa this summer with Come Unity, a non-profit organization that partners partnering with developing communities in east Africato provide opportunities for self-sufficient life.  A graduate of Palmer Theological Seminary, he is on the board at Come Unity and volunteers at Storehouse Churchin Plymouth Meeting, PA, where he helped to establish the leadership team.
The Troubling Issues topic for March, on March 10, will be on an aspect of The New Jim Crow as it relates to the war on drugs and legalizing marijuana.
Located at Nassau and Vandeventer, the church is wheelchair accessible;  call 609-924-2613 or

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