Smart bridges? John Romanowich, founder of SightLogix and co-founder of what used to be called the Einstein Alley Entrepreneur Group, had a big win recently, as told by Gabrielle Erhardt of his company:

She shared a security management case study on how the firm’s smart thermal video has improved security, better manages traffic, and reduced operating costs for the New York State Bridge Authority.

“The NYSBA presented SightLogix with a complex security puzzle. The Authority required a solution capable of detecting trespassers, keeping traffic moving smoothly, and maintaining detection accuracy over large open areas and in the water environment of five bridges spanning the Hudson River. Prior approaches using fencing with vibration devices resulted in high costs and excessive alarms.

“Major change was necessary. A consultant recommended a smart thermal video system, and a year and a half later, the Authority relies on that technology 24/7, not only for security on all five bridges but also for traffic monitoring.”
Big win!

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