Where does Einstein Alley meet the White House?


Anybody for a “watch party” on August 4, the White House demo day? Instead of entrepreneurs pitching to funders, innovators will join President Obama “to demo their individual success stories and show why we need to give every American the opportunity to pursue their bold, game-changing ideas.”  If this is Einstein Alley, surely somebody here can host a watch party?

Also check out other Obama initiatives: Startup in a Day (image shown above) which aims “to simplify the process of getting a new venture off the ground, developing online tools that help entrepreneurs discover and apply — in less than a day — for local, state, and Federal permissions needed to start a business”

Or TechHire, “engaging with local governments and the private sector to help Americans get the skills they need for a technology-driven workplace.”

Or I Corps program, “university researchers and students learning to commercialize their breakthrough inventions.”

Or Startup America, a “$1 billion impact investment initiative that connected clean energy startups with experienced mentors, supported legislation that is making it easier for startups to raise capital, and much, much more.”

Sooooooo – invite me to your watch party, or if we can’t get together for a watch party, we can follow along from the comfort of our own cubicles. Or on the twitter feed at WH.gov/demo-day. Maybe… possibly . . . . we’ll see an Einstein Alley-based business at Demo Day.

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