Authoritarianism expert: where is one?

Graphic from PressThink

Joy Rosen’s Press Think blog (illustration above) explains what strategies journalists can use in a Trump administration. One idea:

Make common cause with scholars who have been there. Especially experts in authoritarianism and countries when democratic conditions have been undermined, so you know what to watch for— and report on. (Creeping authoritarianism is a beat: who do you have on it?)

So WHO at a New Jersey college is an expert on that? People who know, weigh in please!

Another idea: track Trump’s promises as here in the Washington Post and then get yourself on the radio to talk about them.

I have a suggestion for the ‘ordinary’ concerned citizen:Reporters are going to be looking for sources beyond the usual ones. If you know about a broken promise, a sullied right, a violation of civil rights — contact a reporter. If you don’t know a reporter, maybe I can help you find one. If you see something . . . say something. 




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