Safer children? Maybe not

20120610164834_00019ALiving three blocks from a school, I am continually surprised to see parents walking fourth graders to and fro. Yet I remember how my sister and I walked ourselves to school in every grade. As for my kids, I never accompanied my kids to the bus stop and often I didn’t keep tabs on where, in the neighborhood, they were.

Is it such a different world? This article in the Atlantic explains how today’s parents protect their children — and question whether that’s needed or effective.

1 thought on “Safer children? Maybe not

  1. When I think of the hours my brother and I roamed free in back of the rug shop/home on Route 206! Down to Van Horn brook and across to Dr. Jayne’s property and the cow pasture down Princeton Avenue and along Mt. Lucas Road. I think my father had rigged up some sort of bell to call us in when it was time. Today someone would report my parents to Child Services.

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