Epi First, Epi Fast, No Exceptions.

food allergy
Illustration from FARE conference

Here is daunting but necessary information about food allergies – and this is for everybody, not just those with the allergies, or their parents or siblings, but also for anybody who has contact with food, and anyone in the classroom, and anyone in contact with the public. Everybody.

This account of the three-day convention for FARE, a national organization devoted to food allergy research and education, comes from Susannah Fox. (Yes, my daughter).

If you don’t know anyone with anaphylactic allergies (for whom mistakes can be fatal) at least dip into this post. You will understand why you get pretzels, not peanuts, on the plane. You will be more careful at the buffet, so you don’t accidentally drip tuna salad on another ingredient.  You will learn something about kissing that you didn’t know.


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