Guilty Pleasures Needed

by Tracy Lee for NPR

“Guilty pleasures” are good for our health says psychologist Dan Gottlieb on WHYY today. He says there is a good study suggesting these guilty pleasures do help loneliness. So, to combat loneliness, grief, and the fear of tomorrow, do something you enjoy at least every day. This will nurture social capital.

Another tip from NPR, this from a May 10 segment on Quarantine Blues:  Don’t miss the opportunity for small touch points throughout the day. Even sharing a joke over text can make you feel less alone, says  Judith Moskowitz, of Northwestern University.

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Needed

  1. Guilty Pleasures? cooking, baking, and eating! Yesterday, I HAD to go out to buy lemongrass paste because of a deep desire to make yellow curry paste from scratch (of course, I bought other necessities, including Lakanto, a genuine natural sugar substitute–made from monk fruit, for baking, and boring stuff).
    No other pleasures give me any guilt…

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