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Eric Newton: Cancer Survivor



Here is a link to my story in this week’s U.S. 1 Newspaper, on stands until Wednesday, December 16.  It’s about Eric Newton, pictured above with his daughter Jasmine. He had the same kind of cancer that my husband had — George’s was diagnosed early and he is fine now. And the same kind of cancer that my cousin had, but hers was not diagnosed early enough. Eric’s prognosis was grim until he entered a Phase II clinical trial of an immuno therapy drug similar to the one that has given Jimmy Carter a new lease on life. It’s an exciting development.

This Huffington Post post, “6 things I wished I had known about cancer” has no real Princeton connection, other than all the people I’ve known who had and have cancer.

talking head wayne cookeWell, that’s not quite true. There IS a Princeton connection — to Wayne Cooke, who wrote “On the Far Side of the Curve: a stage 4 colon cancer survivor’s journey.” Cooke far outlived his expected years and shared his tips in this U.S. 1 article and then in his book (now downloadable for free).

Both sets of tips are valuable. I put them here so I can supply them “just in time” to those who will need it.