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Caldwell: Evangelist for Success

He comes from three generations of Methodist preachers, and his father was an international leader in the areas of civil rights and social justice, but Dale Caldwell has turned his considerable talents of persuasion to improving the world in ostensibly secular ways. A graduate of Princeton, Wharton, and a Harvard executive program,  Dale Caldwell has been a senior manager at Deloitte, executive director of the Newark Alliance, deputy commissioner of the NJ Department of Community Affairs, a Certified Financial Planner, and CEO of 10 organizations, mostly recently Strategic Influence LLC. 

At the Princeton Regional Chamber breakfast on Wednesday, October 19,  at 7:30 a.m. at the Nassau Club, Caldwell will reveal his “Intelligent Influence” secrets on recognizing how people make decisions and what influences their decisions. “Influence is not purchased or assumed, it is bestowed,” says Caldwell. “Understanding how one is influenced, how to influence others, how to influence an organization, and how to influence outcomes is to understand how to create success.” 
In the career education arena, Caldwell wrote “School to Work Success” (now in paperback and Kindle), and founded the Residential After-School Program, Take-Your-Community-To-Work-Day, and School-to-Work Day. In the volunteer world, he was president of the New Brunswick Board of Education, Crossroads Theatre Company, and the eastern section of the United States Tennis Association. His love of tennis resulted in his latest book, Tennis in New York City: the Most Important Sport in the Most Important City in the World.  

If you missed the chance to see Dale Caldwell weave his speech magic at the Princeton Public Library’s TED X event, come to the chamber’s breakfast on Wednesday. It’s the chamber event where everyone gets to introduce themselves, and walk-ins are welcome. 

Next up: Chris Kuenne of Rosetta on Thursday, November 3.