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In the moment: Jane Buttars


jane buttars

I just discovered these You Tube renditions of Jane Buttars improvising at the keyboard. They are just too delightful not to share, and I couldn’t choose among them, so here goes:

Here she is, live and jaunty. She’ll never play this exact way again because it’s improvised, but we can all hear it here.

Here she takes us on a journey to the east.  Perhaps my favorite.

In 2014 she did a duo in a quite different mode.

Last year she and Grammy-winning cellist David Darling issued a CD, Tympanum, and here is one of the meditative pieces, Awakening. I must get that CD out and begin enjoying it again. Her latest CD, pictured here is titled “Keys to the Inside.”

Jane works with the international association Music for People. Her Princeton -based studio offers monthly improv sessions to the general public, titled “Music from the Inside.” For information, janepiano2@comcast.net

Jane — you are helping me bring the new year in the right way, “in the moment.”