e-health package in NYT

Anyone involved in an e-health business — and in Princeton, that includes Viocare Technologies (www.viocare.com), Zweena (www.zweenahealth.com), HealthAtoZ.com (www.healthatoz.com), e-Healthcare Solutions (www.e-healthcaresolutions.com), Intellisphere (www.mdnetguide.com), and Princeton Living Well (www.princetonlivingwell.com) — will glom on to today’s science section of the New York Times.

The Times’ array of savvy reporters — Gina Kolata, John Schwartz, Tara Parker-Pope, Jane Brody, Gardiner Harris, William J. Brod, Roni Caryn Rubin, plus some doctor contributors — have contributed to a quite wonderful seven-page no-ad section, complete with useful sidebars. Having it all assembled in the paper version may be superior to reading the online version in some ways, so I’m blogging this while it’s on the newstand. But if you missed it, the articles in the online version, an example below, provide useful hot links.

I’ll save my explanation for my intense interest in e-health matters for another post.


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