Arrivaderci, Esther

The subject of jet lag came up when Esther Dyson addressed the Princeton Chamber on July 9. Dyson had just returned from Russia, and she was working on almost no sleep, but gave a wow of a talk.

Directly after the lunch I left for the airport, with husband and granddaughter, for 10 days in Italy and have had plenty of time — a week — to recover, but am still not clicking on all cylinders. Perhaps if I had adopted Esther’s healthy lifestyle (to swim every morning) I would have done better.
Since I left before I could comment on Esther’s talk, here is a link to her complete address, recorded for You Tube by Daniel Kogan of, which co-sponsored her chamber appearance. (In the photo, John Phelan of Zweena is on the left and Kogan on the right.) Also here is Dilshanie Perera’s excellent account in Town Topics.
And if you have your own memories of Italy, here’s an online album. Glad you asked.

1 thought on “Arrivaderci, Esther

  1. Barbara,Thank you for your leadership in helping to convince Esther to speak. I thought she was fabulous is every way. Truly one of the better speakers I have heard speak in the Princeton area. Her honest intelligent approach is so refreshing in this world of "canned" speeches. I loved your introduction as well. Thank you to Dan for his sponsorship. Let's seriously talk about putting our own health summit together in Princeton.

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