Too Many Baskets

George Amick, long-time editorial writer for the Times of Trenton and now a political columnist, always makes a lot of sense. Monday’s column on “perp walks” and political corruption in New Jersey not only made sense, it made me feel better about the Garden State. Of the several reasons he offered on why New Jersey has a reputation for corruption, the one that makes thevery most sense “is that New Jersey has more dishonest public officeholders because we have more public office holders, period.”

Where I grew up, Baltimore County, is no stranger to corruption. The county’s most famous bribery villain, Spiro Agnew, resigned as Nixon’s vice president because of bribery charges dating back when he was Baltimore County Executive. He was the only U.S. vice president to resign because of a criminal charge.
But even Baltimore County can’t match New Jersey, because it has no sub-fiefdoms. Its school systems has 22 high schools.
Mercer County, in contrast, has 13 municipalities, each with just one or two high schools. Amick points out are that these municipalities are “governed by part-time officials…whose only guide is a woefully inadequate and erratically administered state ethics code.”
I can’t link this blog to Amick’s column until tomorrow, so support newspapers and go buy today’s edition. But I must quote his quote of Mark Twain.
“It was Pudd’nhead Wilson who recommended, contrary to the old proverb, that you put all your eggs in one basket — ‘and then watch that basket.’ New Jersey has far too many baskets. “

1 thought on “Too Many Baskets

  1. Given Barbara's great lead in, I am going to have a little fun with this posting folks:Eggs and municipal basket cases, oh whaat a tangled web we weave when first we allow bearocrats to deceive: Thanks to our Foxy friend for drawing my attention to A good Mick (no offense intended.)We know that there is no meat cleaver up to severing this gordian hot pot of intrigue. So it behooves each of us blinded by the venality that saps our vitality to grab the part of the pachyderm closest to hand.Our itchy fingers should be aching to rrip the lid of the years of abuse our property tax paters (and maters) have put up with. You have land envelopers, porkorations, filthy rich, noveau riche all picking Joe Sixpack's pockets. These scintillating denizens of our communities are so generous when they toss the odd bone or two to a good cause or two while they rip off their neigbors by making them pick up the tab for local taxes. The favored method, dodging property taxes by prentending to sell $500 worth of firewood on properties that are 5 acres or larger.Doug Fisher, (yes you hoo Doug)our Agricultural Secretary should cut down on the photo ops and wade into this pile of filth before we do the job for him.If you want to plug this agricultural income tax loop hole, write the man (yeah the old fashioned way. This way you might also help preserve first class mail for our children).Onward & Upward~Pravin J. Philip

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