Twittering Not for the Young

Twittering, it turns out is not popular with teens, according to the New York Times today, and I can see why. If teens are texting, they don’t need to Twitter. And if they are Twittering, they may lose control over who sees their Tweets.

I don’t text, and I’m experimenting with twitter on a trial and error basis, mostly error. My most recent “private” tweet turned out to be public but thankfully not embarrassing.
If you are thinking about entering the twittering arena and welcome “the blind leading the blind” help, here are two sources I’m finding useful. is a website, apparently now owned by Twitter, that will Twitterize a URL, so you can link to an article without using up all 140 characters.
Social Media Magic offers a free 90 minute live webinar (no obnoxious followups) that includes answering all your questions. Yes, you get a pitch for 10 session paid course, but even that looked pretty good. The “Capitalizing on the Conversation” webinar firm is based in Georgia.
I welcome anybody’s contributions on Princeton-area sources or tips for Twitter help. E-mail me or comment here.
Twitter does give you an opportunity to choose or block your prospective followers, but you have to do some sleuthing to figure out who they are. I don’t think it’s because of what I write, but my sleuthing reveals that one out of every two wanna-be followers of my Twitters is looking for a date, or worse.
That’s a really good reason for why teens shouldn’t Twitter.

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