Venus de Pennington — Plus Pen Persons

Out back, behind where Win and Hildegard Straube have their offices in their eponymous office center, is a monumental statue of a woman by Carole Feuerman. This sculpture of a woman bathing was chosen for the Beijing Olympics and is one of the outdoor and indoor works in the Straube Foundation’s new sculpture garden.

Art isn’t the only topic on display here. An exhibit named “Poets, Playwrights and Pen-Persons” is on display through October, starting Friday, September 18th, from 4 to 7 p.m. at 108 and 112 West Franklin Avenue, with a reception for published authors. Curated by John A. Tredrea, of the Hopewell Valley News, the exhibit includes works by Albert M. Stark, Barbara Anne Sher, Janet Purcell, Leonore Obed, Robert W. Adler, Sierra Adler, Vivian E. Greenberg, Win Straube and others. Call 609-737-3322 for info.

In this intriguing art-rich environment, the Straubes had hosted a “meet and greet” wine and cheese reception for officials from Capital Health System and the Pennington community on Monday, September 14. Capital Health’s CEO Al Maghazehe (pronounced MAG a see) told how the hospital expects to complete its new building on 195 acres in Hopewell by 2011.

The Straube Foundation hosts the art in the garden for free, and 100 percent of the sales receipts go to the artist. Some is on permanent display, including this copy of Feuerman’s “Olympic Swimmer,” which is on tour with the Olympic Fine Art Exhibition before permanent installation in Beijing. Another copy of this statue, this one in lifelike color, is now in a New York gallery (Jim Kempner Fine Art Gallery, 501 W 23rd St)

With works in bronze, wood, metal, marble, and other stone carvings by both local and globally well known artists, it’s a delightful walk through, a family destination. Sculptures by some of the same artists are on display at Grounds for Sculpture – but this sculpture garden requires no tickets. Just visit and enjoy.


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