Dreams in Progress: NJEN’s Tech Poster Show

Today’s news was a heavy blow: Pfizer is closing the Wyeth research plant on Ridge Road, and 400 jobs will disappear or go north to Connecticut.

But let’s focus on the good news. New Jersey’s Einstein’s Alley is rich with great technology ideas, and you can preview some of them at the New Jersey Entrepreneurial Network’s annual poster show at Princeton University’s Friend Center. The state’s technology czar, Peter Reczek, executive director of the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology, will keynote.

Details: It’s Wednesday, November 11, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Princeton University’s Friend Center, (William and Olden Streets). Cost: $45.00 at the door. Appetizers, desserts and beverages will be provided (www.njen.com).

To titillate technological imaginations, here are some of the technology entrepreneurs you will get a chance to speak with.

Five Princeton engineers who have a sensor used in China for the Olympic Games to monitor gas concentration and in Ghana to monitor smoke inhaled by women who dry fish over burning wood.

Sanford A. Roth of Medsonics, with a portable ultrasound diagnostic point of care device to detect, monitor, and status of bone fractures.

Carl Mattocks of CheckMi, with Medicin Arhivo, using algorithms to update Personal Health Records (PHRs).

N. Soundararajan of Nourishing Inc. in East Brunswick, with Reachout, an e-commerce application enabling retailers to make offers to consumers who need to buy “now,” facilitating sales through a duplex negotiation process.

Terry Miglani of Tachus Technologies, a women-owned firm with proprietary software for managing obsolescence in the electronic and medical industries.

Also technology that harnesses energy of ocean waves, regulates temperature of vaccines being shipped, uses nanotech for a biofuel cell that converts the body’s own glucose to power implantable devices, and devises an online gaming and social networking site for advertisers.

Plus, you’ll hear the technology czar, Reczek, of the NJCST. “NJCST has been a key and continuous player, supporter and leader in NJ technology-based economic development since 1985,” says Joe Montemarano, of Princeton University. Governor Tom Kean created this commission, and every newly elected Governor, upon inauguration, has tried to do away with it. Fortunately the state’s technology community rallied in support each time

Just out today: the NJSCST awarded more than $5.6 million through its grants-in-aid program.

Future dates for NJEN: February 3, 2010, a venture fund panel at the Princeton Marriott, at noon. Wednesday, April 7, a lunch at Rider University on corporate and non-profit funding sources. Wednesday, June 2, an angel network roundtable lunch at the Princeton Marriott.

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