Stitch in Time: A Heart Patient Survives

As 2009 closes, my husband and I are grateful to the doctors who have taken care of us so well. Our health is good but the list is dauntingly long; it includes Chandani Fernando of Princeton Primary & Urgent Care, Barbara Berko, Peter Yi, Charles Wightman, Michael Ruddy, and more. Kudos to all!

What triggered this post is an honor that went to Bruce Cole, of Princeton Primary & Urgent Care. He recognized cardiac symptoms in a patient who arrived in his Alexander Road office late in the day; he pulled strings and got her in touch with doctors who could perform an emergency angioplasty and save her life. The grateful patient, Llura Gund, donated $5 million, in tribute to Dr. Cole and two other doctors, to enhance the ICU of the new hospital in Plainsboro.

We hope we won’t have to make many trips to that ICU but we’re glad it’s there. Happy New Year!

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