Volunteering for Profit

Two programs, five days apart, attempt to make the case that volunteering for no money can help you make money – in your business or by helping you get a better job.

Jerry Fennelly, Karen Jezierny, and Adrienne Rubin are panelists for the Princeton Chamber’s program, “Volunteerism: Its Importance in Building a Strong Business Community” on Wednesday, January 20, 7:30 to 9:15 a.m. at the Nassau Club. Rubin is executive director of Volunteer Connect, Jezierny is Princeton University‘s director of public affairs and board chairman of the chamber’s foundation, and Fennelly is the well-known commercial real estate broker who puts his money, and his time, where his mouth is. Cost: $25 for members including breakfast. Call 609-924-1776 or click here.

Rubin will also be a presenter at Princeton Community Works, a grassroots organization, which stages its 13th annual conference on Monday, January 25, 5 to 9:15 p.m. at the university’s Frist Center on Washington Road. From 20 workshops, you can choose two, and they start at 6. Cost: $29 including box supper. Click here.

Because I am engaged in my own volunteer opportunity (ask me later) I’ll miss the chamber breakfast. But I hope to get to Community Works. Every year I am enticed by the array of workshop titles because they have value both in volunteer efforts and in the workplace. Last year I sat at the feet of Ralph Serpe and Nancy Kieling of the Princeton Area Community Foundation. This year the witty Serpe will teach “Building and Cultivating Donor Relationships” and Kieling joins J&J;’s Michael Bzdak and consultant Jamie Sapoch to discuss the grant-maker’s perspective.

Dorothy Eckes, an evolutionary coach, teaches the theme workshop “Are You Listening? How relationships can grow and benefit from skilled listening.” From this list of other presenters, I recognize a half-dozen names who are chamber members, but for fear of leaving someone out I won’t designate them: “Forty Practical Fundraising Ideals for Survival and Success,” Les Loysen, President, Consulting Services for Non-Profit Organizations; “Welcome Aboard: Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members,” Jane Silverman, President, Jane Silverman Associates, LLC; “You-Turn: Positive Organizational Change,” James Davy, Principal, James Davy Associates; “Legal Aspects of the Non-Profit” Nancy Eberhardt, Executive Director, ProBono Partnerships; “How to Run a Workshop,” Elizabeth Casparian, Ph.D., Executive Director, HiTops; “Everyday Ways to Recognize and Motivate Your Staff, Volunteers and Board Members,” Sandy Lopacky, MPH, Consultant to Philanthropy and Non-Profits; Amelia Willson, Principal, AMW Consulting; “The Art of Delegation,” Marge Smith, Chair, Community Works; “Give and Take: Giving and Receiving Feedback Across the Organization Chart,” Robin Fogel, President, Robin Fogel & Associates, LLC; “Budgeting for the Rest of Us,” Jack Fein, Managing Director, The Mercadien Group; and Sherise Ritter, Managing Director, The Mercadien Group; “Dashboards: A Tool for Measurement and Management,” Nancy Daneshgar, First Vice President, Merrill Lynch; and Ryan Larkin, Vice President, Merrill Lynch; “Stretching Your Marketing Dollars,” Gloria Nelson, President, Afton Marketing Group; “Public Relations: Crafting Your Message,” Ted Deutsch, Principal, Deutsch Communications; “Put on a Happy Facebook: Using Social Networking Sites to Boost Your Organization,” Alicia Jones, President, Strategy Solutions; and “Ten Ways to Improve Your Web site,” Loan Nguyen Liu, Consultant, WSI Internet Consultant.

As is obvious from this lineup, one of the benefits of going to this conference is the networking opportunity.

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