Moroccan Prince of Princeton

A Prince of Morocco lives in Princeton in political exile.

In Abu Dhabi the Prince has a green energy business. Here, at the university, he supports an institute that aims to build bridges to the Western world.

These details come from a Daily Princetonian article, via PrincetonTour

It will not surprise some members of the Princeton community, particularly those who follow the work of Not in Our Town (an interracial, interfaith social action group in Princeton committed to speak truth about ‘everyday racism’) that the following incident occurred: When the Prince was a student at the university (Class of ’85) he got picked up by local police, in connection with a Hoagie Haven robbery, and spent an hour in the hoosegow. He was released with apologies to the Moroccan embassy.

The next event at the Institute for the Transregional Study of the Contemporary Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia (TRI)is Wednesday, February 24, 2 to 5:30 p.m. at 202 Jones Hall. “The Global Financial Crisis and the Persian Gulf: Dubai’s Debt and the Future of Islamic Banking” will have roundtable presentations and discussions by Rachel Ziemba, Eckart Woertz, Don Hanna, Mahmoud El Gamal, Ibrahim Warde, and Aron Zysow.

1 thought on “Moroccan Prince of Princeton

  1. We lived there when I was nine, in 1949-50. Even though we thought Morocco was backward then, it has always been more progressive than many of the other Arab countries in the Middle East. It may be a critical focus in the future, although I usually despair of seeing peace in that region in my lifetime. And the role of women there!!! (It startled me and I pestered my parents with questions…) CBH

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