Dance Trumps Tech in Statistics

Just looked at this blog’s statistics from February through today and they delight me. A couple of dance reviews, including one that was weeks old, reaped the highest number of hits and the most new visitors over the last two months. I guess all the dancers sent it to each other and to their mothers. There were 202 visitors that day and 150 new visitors, only 52 returning visitors.

Second most popular were two posts relating to Ed Zschau, significant because Zschau speaks tomorrow at the Princeton Chamber. (Full disclosure: I’m on the committee that invited him — we knew he’d be a terrific speaker.) One was on a panel that Zschau chaired and the other referenced him as the guru of high tech entrepreneurship.

The third most popular day, February 8, had a much different ratio, with 188 visits and 132 returning visitors, only 56 new visitors. There were two posts that day, one on Darren Hammell of Princeton Power Systems, touting my cover story in U.S. 1. The other one, perhaps the real draw, was a gossipy piece on a little-known celebrity interviewed in the Daily Princetonian and picked up by Mimi of Princeton Tours.

Since I’m not trying to monetize this blog I don’t spend a heckuva lot of time slicing and dicing stats. The Zschau entry’s popularity bodes well for Ed Zschau’s speech tomorrow.

But since I started my career as a dance writer, and since dance is always at the bottom of the totem pole in editorial priorities nationally (only opera is below it) I’m delighted when, every once in a while, dance gets a good response.

Now if some techie out there can clue me in on how to install an RSS feed, I might be able to increase those stats…


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