“Ask Me About Riverblindness”

In what situation can a child make a witness statement where an adult cannot? When Princeton United Methodist Church (PUMC) re-enacted what happens to riverblindness victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Children from the church paraded through the streets

of Communiversity today, leading adults with sticks, wearing sandwich boards, and handing out United Front Against Riverblindness material with slogans like “Just $10 saves six people from going blind” and “
When an adult goes blind, the child must leave school, so riverblindness takes two lives.”

We went with two teams of children and adults, and we had a real good response. People took note and took our brochures, and the Princeton TV station filmed us.

A lot was going on at the church corner as well — a bake sale for the Appalachian Service Project was very successful, as was a display and craft activity for Vacation Bible School.

PUMC plans four events to benefit UFAR. Following the April 25 Afternoon Tea at PUMC, the May Day 5k to Combat Riverblindness is May 1. Hyosang Park gives a solo handbell concert on Saturday, May 15, at PUMC, and the African Soiree is Saturday, May 22 at the Carl A. Fields Center. (609-924-2613).

Eight young people participated today; they were needed. Adults could not have filled those roles.

Group photo by Pat Hatton.

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