25th anniversary: RKR on TV

This post consists of six tweets, written while I watched my ex boss be interviewed by Anne Reeves for a Princeton Community TV show “Connect.”

Richard K. Rein (U.S. 1, @princetoninfo.com) on cable TV for 25th anniversary, am biased because I worked there…

but it’s good stuff, “Barbara Sigmund held everyone to a higher standard for development” this about 13 minutes in.

This show is hosted by Anne Reeves, a pal of the late Barbara Sigmund’s, and both Reeves and Rein are relaxed, chatty, informative.

Editing newspaper like running a chef-owned restaurant: says RKR

Editing a newspaper like producing a one-time show, sez RKR, you have to do it all over again the next week.

$64k question, would Richard K. Rein found a newspaper if he were starting in 2010? He answers 20 minutes into the show.

Answer: a qualified yes.

One more tweet: a link to RKR’s latest column

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