You Gotta Be a Tiger to Win $10k

Here is the lineup for the Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network Contest on Friday, May 28, as reported by Sara Hastings in U.S. 1 this week. Note that the entries include some students and some companies from all over the country.

The three companies competing for a spot in the for-profit final are Virebo, a company that aims to reduce offices’ printing costs; Pondigo, an online dating site for the alumni of top colleges and universities; and Lychee Software, which is trying to reform photo-processing workflow for photographers.

The four known for-profit finalists are Lautriv Information Systems, a company that has worked with insurers to develop software that automates business rules and scope decisions for claims adjusters; FashionStake, a new online source for contemporary fashion; Open Blue Sea Farms, which works toward sustainable free-range farming methods for saltwater fish; and CoAx Systems, which aims to market its new method of designing wellfields for heat pumps that will greatly reduce the cost of geothermal heating and cooling systems. CoAx, founded by Alex Gasner of Princeton’s Class of 2010, already won the first-place prize of $5,000 in the TigerLaunch Business Plan Competition held in February.

This contest is always held on Friday during reunions, and it’s a full day. The minimal $30 fee includes lunch. The Brian Spaly keynote, as I previously described, is at 10 a.m., and the business plan competition starts at 1:45 p.m., ending with the announcement of winners at 3:45 followed by a reception.

Apparently, to be a member of the Princeton Entrepreneurs Network, which has various city chapters, you must be a graduate of Princeton, but the website is open to all. One member of the team entering the competition must be a graduate. The winner gets $10k plus $25k of inkind services.

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