Intro to Twitter for Blogger Readers

Readers of Princeton Comment are not, generally, Twitter followers. So here’s an example of what Twitter can do. I want to send a last minute reminder re my friend Wayne Cooke, a cancer survivor who is speaking at Princeton Medical Center in at 9 a.m. today (Sunday). I send out two tweets at 7:07 and 7:08 a.m.

BFFox 7:07am, Jun 06 from HootSuite
Wayne Cooke helps Princeton NJ celebrate National Cancer Survivor’s Day 2day at Medical Center of Princeton

7:08am, Jun 06 from HootSuite
Cancer Survivor Cooke, who wrote “On the Far Side of the Curve,” speaks at 9 am, but event is 8 to 11:45 in Princeton,

Then my own Twitter feed, which emphasizes epatients and ehealth, turns up a reference to a favorite of mine Regina Holliday, and I attempt to drive traffic to her site (read and you’ll see why).

7:14am, Jun 06 from HootSuite
For National Cancer Survivor Day, read a moral tale from @Regina Holliday, campaigner for open medical records.

(All those references are special shortening tools for a Twitter tool that shortens the website address.)

Then another Tweet leads me to a fascinating article on how to train doctors to really listen, another pet peeve of mine.

7:16am, Jun 06 from HootSuite
Med students learn “what it’s really like to live with a serious illness”

And then I learn from another Tweet, to my chagrin, that an important Health2.0 conference is taking place in Washington D.C. tomorrow. Had I been awake, I could have rearranged my schedule to go, but it was a busy week. I can’t go, but I can salivate about the agenda. Esther Dyson, a guru in the ehealth field, spoke at the Princeton Chamber and I have long been a fan of Gilles Frydman’s ACOR.

So I Tweet about it. Will it send any blogger or Twitter readers down to DC. Probably not. But at least now more people are aware of the issue and the conference.

7:30am, Jun 06 from HootSuite
DC conference Health2.0 has Esther Dyson, Ted Eytan, Regina Holliday, Gilles Frydman — what a lineup.

And maybe all of us will pay attention to Obama’s man for Health IT and those issues. Right here in River City (e.g. Princeton) we are hatching companies, like one of my faves Zweena, who are trying to contribute to the smartness of Health IT.

7:32am, Jun 06 from HootSuite
Keynote is the guy w the power, David Blumenthal Obama’s coordinator for Health Information Technology,

And then a comment from speaker/rock singer, Salman Ahmed, whom I met at TEDx NJLibes rang true, so I tweeted that for good measure.

RT @sufisal: Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. Cleverness is mere opinion, bewilderment intuition.(Rumi)

And that will be my thought for Sunday, having spent 50 minutes so far, Tweeting and blogging, and it will be an hour in total by the time I send this out. Was this exercise mere “cleverness” or should I have spent the hour in “bewilderment,” i.e. prayer, getting ready for the Sunday School class I will be teaching just 90 minutes from now. For the 4th and 5th graders I have concocted a lesson on that subject, prayer.

I am sending this out now in case anybody can get to hear Wayne Cooke speak at in an hour (his gig is at 9 a.m.) I will clean it up and perhaps answer my own question later with an addition to this post today.


Postcript: Spouse went to hear Cooke while I taught 9 4th & 5th graders a lesson on prayer. Report: Cooke was eloquent, the audience was about 100 people. My S.S. lesson was perhaps more lively than one would expect for the subject and some shenanigans ended up in a mishap — magic market on someone’s white pants. Perhaps more preparation, more prayer, would have prevented that?

Don’t know. It’s done. Time to do dishes, which as I understand it can be a form of prayer.

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