Dancing — and Marketing — on the Grass

Dancers converge on Palmer Square tonight (Friday, July 16 at 7 p.m.) for a “dancing on the grass” performance, free (bring lawn chairs or blankets). More details later but here’s a preview: I had the chance to watch two dances in rehearsal. Top: a revival of the Crickets section of Mary Pat Robertson’s “Field and Stream” made for her company Teamwork Dance in the ’80s. What fun it is to see, and it’s followed by a solo, choreographed by a former Teamwork Dance member, Janell Byrne, for Katie Scibienski. That’s the Nassau Inn in the background.

Below, a rehearsal shot of Susan Tenney’s “je me souviens.” The first section premiered earlier this spring and this section features a handful of dancers from Rome, Italy. I will long remember Davido Internullo as a carousel steed; “je me reviens” the carousel in the town square in Florence.

I can’t imagine what the grass will be like. More than 1,200 people were tromping on it the day before for the Princeton Regional Chamber’s Midsummer Marketing Showcase. It was a hot, sunny day and I was there for five hours, helping to staff our church’s table and schmoozing with chamber friends, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Great fun.

A guest reviewer has promised to report on the evening; stay tuned.

The top picture shows Iona Harding and me in the church booth. In the middle snapshot of “Crickets” are, left to right, Stephen Campanella, Erika Mero, Cameron Lussier, and Katie Scibienski. The bottom photo is a rehearsal shot of Tenney’s piece, showing a trio with (left) Davido Internullo, Valentina Cassutti, and Tullio Cata. Other dancers from Rome include Stefano Rufini and Franco Conquista.

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