What It’s Like to be 70

Last month I turned 70 and this month I wrote about it in U.S 1 Newspaper, part of a cover story “Off Their Rockers: Super 70s.” Among the aging luminaries featured: my first cousin once removed, Ann Yasuhara, and I hasten to say I had nothing to do with her inclusion. Her picture was on the cover between Harold Shapiro and John McPhee, not bad company. To read about her, her profile is the last in this file (The photo here, not the one used in the paper, was taken by Roland Glover.)

Ingrid Reed, who has just retired at 70 plus, was featured in this cover story, and I was surprised and pleased that she and I are on the same wave length. “We’ve got to make time for ourselves,” she says. “The structure of my life is our life now.”

To read my riff: click here.

The takeaway: At 70 you face the brick wall. However you want to improve your soul, whatever you hope to pass on to the next generations, whatever good you will do in the world — if you thought you would have time for it later, now is later. You need to start immediately..

2 thoughts on “What It’s Like to be 70

  1. I loved the US 1 article and I love your blog posts!This article inspires someone, ahem, in their late 40'sm to just start acting 70 already!

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