A Win/Win at the Straube Center

Win and Hildegard Straube are long-time friends of the Foxes — we even had a chance to visit them at their home in Honolulu — and we look forward to our annual lunch when the Straubes come to town for July and August. (The photo is taken in front of the boiler, part of the foundry built in 1900 that is one of the Straube Center buildings.) This year we had the added bonus of seeing an art show, curated by Alisandra Wederich. The show lasts through the weekend, and will be celebrated by a festival on Saturday (WAMPP (Wine – Art – Music -Poetry – Project) from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

There are some new additions to the sculpture garden, though we mostly looked at what’s inside.

I liked the conversing sunflowers by Liron Sissman and an aqua abstract by S.L. Baker. But the jaw dropping aspect of the exhibit is the quilt exhibition by Fiber Revolution Artist Network, a network of professional textile artists. Its current project, an unusual and charitable one, is to combine forces with quilter artists in Botswana for a joint exhibit. Here are some more photos.

All the pieces are priced at a well-worth-it $500, and what doesn’t get sold in a national tour will be permanently placed in a hospital in Botswana. Now that’s a (pardon the pun) win/win situation.

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