Redux: Biz Cards and Faces

In my previous post I put in a cry for help, and it’s been answered.
Thanks to @LynetteRadio and @PurpleStripe Productions, I have managed to turn off the Twitter feed from my Linked In. I ran into Lynette Young (the writer behind both and the awesome speaker at TedXNJLibes) at the Princeton Regional Chamber’s 50th anniversary party last night. She agreed with my diagnosis that too many of my tweets were bogging down everybody’s LinkedIn pages, and she gave me the clue to how to turn it off.

Thanks Lynette, and hurray for Hopewell Valley Community Bank’s Cathy Frank-White, her committee, the chamber staff, and especially the Frank-White family. They all pitched in to create one of the most fabulous parties I’ve ever been to. Loved Grant Somerville’s Lindy and Cheri Durst’s get-up, among others.

Another after-note: When Glenn Gabe spoke of the ROI of social media at the Princeton Chamber’s Trenton Small Business Week event on Wednesday, he admitted that the very best marketing tool was still a well-scrubbed opt-in mailing list. I know of two such lists — mine and U.S. 1 Newspapers. Everybody who is getting this email (and there are enough that periodically Google takes away my mailing privileges) has opted in and is free to opt out. I send different posts to different groups of people, for total of more than 1,000 people, and just 50 people get everything.

The other scrubbed list is the U.S. 1 Newspaper email newsletter. We used to call it “Sneak Preview.” It has links to all the stories and usually gets sent on Tuesday before the paper comes out. You can opt-in by sending your request to with “email newsletter” in the subject line.

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