For My Non-Twittering Friends

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I hope you won’t think it’s a boast, but in the past 10 minutes I have followed links from my Twitter feeds to two mind-blowing blog posts. Since you don’t Twitter, I’ll share them with you this way.

* An account of a day in a networked life, showing how social media and current tools helped Eugene Eric Kim get work done quickly and easily. When one friend asked a question, he referred her by Twitter to someone who could answer the question. When his cohorts needed to consort, they collaborated on a Google doc. And so on.

* A post on “Be Each Other’s Health Care,” or “Play like you mean it; Life depends upon it.” by Cynthia Wynton Henry, of the Interplay community. Just my kind of gal and I would never have known of her or her organization except through Twitter.

My favorites from among her advice on that post:

Forgive like a 7 year old. When someone can’t be nice, let them be.


Bring soup, hold hands. When things get real bad, showing up for 5 minutes or more, counts.

If you believe that social media only wastes time that could be spent more productively (you know who you are!) read the first one. If you are beset with cares, health and otherwise, read the second. And then play like you mean it, as earnestly as the adorable little guy on the uke in Henry’s blog.

We may not be that cute but we can still play like we mean it.

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