Gluten Free Today — and other Princeton Deals

Princeton Deals is my go-to source of tips these days.

I was intrigued to learn about Girls Night Out at Palmer Square on Thursday, May 19.

To my delight, Princeton Deals featured the flea market at Nassau & Vandeventer on Saturday, May 21 (yep, that’s my church, Princeton United Methodist). You can be a shopper — or a seller!

And I just came back from the “Is Gluten Free the Way to Be?” demo and tasting at the Princeton Public Library, previewed by Princeton Deals last week. If you know someone with celiac sprue, this event continues until 6 p.m. today, with a panel at 4 p.m. and adjourns to Mediterra for a gluten free dinner at 6:30 p.m.

If you can’t make it to the library today, the frozen products are on sale at the library cafe. I have to say Angeleri’s gluten free focaccia was way better than the dross I’ve tasted elsewhere. It’s easy enough to make pizza and sweets be tasty, but just plain white bread — that’s hard to disguise.

My son has been on this diet for a couple of years and my husband was just diagnosed. In fact, we had a successful gluten-free experience at a Momo restaurant, Eno Terra, last week. (At least this allergy not my side of the family, and I can go on gorging on real bread.) But any gluten free recipes would be welcome!

Meanwhile (and full disclosure, I know the editor who writes it) look to Princeton Deals for — well, good deals!

BTW that’s Raoul Momo on the left with his friend, Angeleri, who says he has been working on perfecting his gluten-free recipes for 20 years. I asked Momo if he would have access to those recipes for Eno Terra and Mediterra. You guessed right, the answer was no. “We’re good friends, but we’re not such good friends that he’ll give me the recipes,” he smiled.

1 thought on “Gluten Free Today — and other Princeton Deals

  1. Eating gluten free has been a big challenge for me and it's been especially challenging for my family having to adjust to the changes. I have to say thought they have been very supportive. That pizza sound great. I havent had a good slice of pizza in a while

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