The TedX Adventure on June 1

If you’ve gone to one, you know that TedX events are mind blowing. If you haven’t, one’s happening here in Princeton, on Wednesday, June 1. Last year’s event stuck in my mind for weeks. It’s different from the usual “listen and learn” or “listen and eat” or “snack and network” event. It has all those elements — fabulous speakers laced with entertainment and food — but the length of the event, about six hours, offers a real bonding experience with the other attendees. Maybe I can compare it to a retreat.

Last year’s was in the Princeton Public Library community room. This year, though organized by the library, it’ll be at the Nassau Inn, offering more privacy for the attendees. Cost: $45 or $35 for Princeton Chamber members. That includes dinner. According to eventbrite, almost all of the tickets are gone, but you can email Janie Hermann (at to get one of the last tickets or see how she can fit you in (see the first comment below).

For those of us working for social change, two of the speakers will be particularly inspiring, Todd Shea and Maria Eusebe.

Robert Kurzban, founder of PLEEP, the Penn Laboratory for Experimental Evolutionary Psychology, will tell us why change is so difficult. He is the author of Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite: Evolution and the Modular Mind, published by Princeton University Press, which suggests that “In clear language, full of wit and rich in examples, Kurzban explains the roots and implications of our inconsistent minds, and why it is perfectly natural to believe that everyone else is a hypocrite.”

Here’s the lineup , including a cameo talks (they call them Lightning Talks) by Ed Tseng, author of Game, Set, Life, and Dale Caldwell, author of School to Work Success. Plus an ever-so-charming female juggler, Jen Slaw.

The TED motto is “Ideas Worth Spreading.” This could be called “Event Worth Going To.”

2 thoughts on “The TedX Adventure on June 1

  1. Thanks for your kind words about all the work being done those involved in planning TEDxPrincetonLibrary (our site is We have 1 ticket left for the full event (includes dinner, etc) and sales have officially ended, but if any of the readers of this blog send an email to me at the library (jhermann at princetonlibrary dot org) we can make arrangements as we want to reach as many people as possible. Also, we will be hosting TED Salons come this fall once per month at the library.

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