Not My ‘Vette, His ‘Vette

Today I wore a locket that has a columbine in it, my Colorado-born father’s favorite flower. That’s about the extent of today’s celebrations about my father, who died 40 years ago. I’ve never felt I could write about him, though here’s a photo taken when I was eight, courtesy of my sister who is curating the family album.

But here are two rememberings that I like. This morning on NPR Jennifer Grant talked about what was like to have Cary Grant as a father. She has just published her memoir, “Good Stuff.”

And in this week’s U.S. 1, my ex-boss wrote about his father, whose memorial service was just a couple of weeks ago. It was quintessential Richard K. Rein, clear-headed, self deprecating, heart-warming, memorable. When you read it here, you’ll see the reason for my headline.

Both Rich Rein and Jennifer Grant came to the same conclusion: take time to just play games with your parents. The movie star and his daughter played backgammon and Trivial Pursuit. The publisher played pool with his dad eight days before he died. You don’t need to get all sentimental about a parent, their message is. Just spend time.

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