Smog and Spotted Owls

And here I thought Thursday’s Princeton Regional Chamber lunch might be calm and uncontroversial. Bob Martin, commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, is slated to speak on how he has been making New Jersey more business friendly under the Republican administration.

Martin (Boston College, ’79 with an MBA from George Washington) has been a partner at the world’s largest tech consulting company, Accenture, where he focused on energy and utility companies. He came to his office promising to apply business principles to the job.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Lisa Jackson (undergraduate degree from Tulane, master’s from Princeton), the federal EPA administrator, is making headlines by her determination to unwarm the globe with firm regulations on everything from smog to mercury. See today’s New York Times, “EPA Chief Stands Firm as Tough Rules Loom.”

Jackson used to have Martin’s state job. Are she and Martin going toe to toe?

I haven’t been following it, frankly. The only thing I have a definite hard-nosed opinion about is fracking, and I strongly oppose fracking. So I’ll be interested to hear what Martin says.

(I took blogger’s license to use a photo of the Northern Spotted Owl form the Resource Clearinghouse website. I don’t know if Jackson’s regulations or Martin’s purported business friendliness involve such controversial characters as the Spotted Owl, protected for the past decade, but pictures of owls are cuter than pictures of smog.)

1 thought on “Smog and Spotted Owls

  1. Maybe a case could be made for the NJEPA to investigate natural gas engines for buses and large government vehicles in major cities as an example instead of diesel engines if they are not doing it already. Electric can never do it for large vehicles. Also, maybe the leader could be PSEG by setting up their trucks with NG engines. Keyspan Gas in Boston had some of their vehicles on NG several years ago. Maybe it is not feasible, however, is much cleaner than diesel and electric will not work on large vehicles. I know Providence, RI had their buses on NG awhile ago. Maybe you could ask PSEG what their opinions may be on this subject? Roland LaPierreNatural Gas & Electricity SalesGlobal Energy Marketing609-403-8685Fax: 781-398-7255email: rlapierre@globalp.comweb site:

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