Last Wednesday, This Wednesday

Last Wednesday I was chumming and grubbing at McCarter’s block party (the great photos by Don Addison, This Wednesday I am lugging wet paper up the basement stairs, thanks to Ms. Irene.

Ah well, the Philadelphia Jazz Orchestra was fun to listen to (as did this crowd)

and I did like the pulled pork by Blue Diamond Que (below) and the “world tour of cheese” by Olsson’s Fine Foods.

And it’s a beautiful day today.

If you think this post is an excuse to post Don’s terrific picture, you’re right. At my age and stage, how many great candids can a 71-year-old person expect to have taken (:

I’m also very pleased that three Princeton Regional Chamber members told me, that day, that my last-minute blog post told them about it and got them there. Now that’s what I call ‘reader response.’

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