R U e? I am e!

Two years ago at a conference in Philly  I picked up the T-shirt that says “R U e? The second year, the T-shirt said
And on the back it has these words: educated, 
Next Tuesday I plan to pick up the third T-shirt, above.
“e” in this context means “e-Patient” and the conference is e-Patient Connections 2011, run by Kevin Kruse of Kru Research. At first e-Patient meant “internet savvy patient,” but now that most everyone is savvy, it has the additional connotations. Paulo Machado is one of the locals who will attend. He’s quite active on Twitter (PJMachado) and as I write this he is live-tweeting a national conference on this subject, Medicine 2.0 (Twitter #med2). 
It’s a very exciting field, chronicled in part by a blog, http://e-patients.net/ run by the Journal for Participatory Medicine. Lots of folks in the Princeton area, in addition to Kruse, are at play in this field. 
One of my favorites, Rick Weiss of Viocare, just happens to be speaking at the Princeton Regional Chamber this Wednesday, September 20, at 7:30 a.m. (breakfast is at 8 for the lazybones). He won Princeton’s entrepreneur of the year award last year, and you may know him as the guy behind Princeton Living Well, that amazing NIH-funded beta test website where you can log-in your exercise and other healthy habits to get “points” to spend at area merchants. One of Rick’s winning habits is that he works hard to know what everybody else, in his field, is doing. 
No surprises for him.

Don’t let the e-Patient movement take you by surprise. If you are a patient, know your rights and your opportunities. If you are in the pharma or health field, get with it.

Postscript: this just in from Joe Montemarano at Princeton University 
On October 12th, the NSF Engineering Research Center on Mid-InfraRed Technologies for Health and the Environment (MIRTHE) will host an Investment Focus Group Workshop on Medical Applications of Mid-IR Technologies at Princeton University. This event is intended to engage a diverse and multi-disciplinary group of individuals and stakeholders to help speed the adoption of emerging technologies by defining the market applications and opportunities. We are working with the Cleveland Clinic to increase visibility and understanding among clinicians and other medical personnel, and are reaching out to private and corporate VCs, and other investors interested in the medical/healthcare field.
Joseph X. Montemarano

Executive Director, MIRTHE
Director for Industrial Enterprise, PRISM
Princeton University

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