Hedge Fund Wunderkind, Five Years Later

After I talked to Bill Martin for U.S. 1 Newspaper five years ago — he’s in the news now for his Raging Hedge Fund — I met him at a social function. So I asked him for some free advice. “Stay out of the options market, don’t buy commodities,” he said. Good advice.

This week’s U.S. 1 story by Scott Morgan tells of another high-roller, John Frankel, who speaks in Whippany on How to Survive and Even Gain from the Coming Internet Bubble on Tuesday, September 27, at noon at the Marriott Hanover. Cost $75. Visitwww.vanj.com.

Frankel is an investor in Klout.com, which measures influence. Quoting the story,  “Google started a revolution by page-ranking the web,” Frankel says. “Klout is starting a revolution by ranking people.” A Klout score of 50-to-55 puts someone among the best influencers. Frankel’s score is 60. And, by the way, the name of Frankel’s company, ff Venture Capital, is a shrewd play on the Twitter hashtag #ff — an abbreviation tweeters use to denote “forward Fridays” or “follow Fridays” in order to draw attention to other Twitter users.

Klout is far from the only tech company in which Frankel and ff are invested. Frankel is the director of 500px, an online photo portfolio site; Infochimps, which sells data sets from music to crosswords; Phone.com, a virtual phone answering service for businesses, and six other technology companies.

You want to work for a hedge fund but not commute to New York? Get some insights into Bill Martin’s personality with that 2006 story in the U.S. 1 Newspaper archive.

Bill Martin is the wunderkind who founded Raging Bull in the late ’90s while still an undergrad at UVA.  His company, now called Princeton Ventures, is still at the same location, close at hand to the Community Park basketball courts and soccer fields where he and his team famously let off steam at lunch time. His hedge fund just topped $100 million. And it’s here in Princeton on Witherspoon Street. 

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