Save the Date: Diana B. Henriques on January 5

“Bernie Madoff thought he could avoid the implacable dead-end finale of the Ponzi scheme and somehow get away with it,” writes Diana B. Henriques, the New York Times financial reporter who wrote Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust.


She has just agreed to speak at the first Princeton Regional Chamber luncheon in 2012. Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 5, at the Forrestal Marriott when her topic will be “Beyond Bernie Madoff — Fallout from History’s Biggest Fraud.” Cost: $45 for members who register, $50 for walk-ins, $65 for non-members. Register here

Her book has been cited by Bloomberg BusinessWeek as the “definitive” Madoff biography. It is based on the her award-winning coverage in The New York Times and two years of additional research, including the first in-prison interviews with Madoff himself.

Henriques warns that the next fraudster, like Madoff, thinks he won’t get caught. “Right now,” she writes,
“some new Bernie Madoff is exploiting our need for trust to build another world of lies. We will read about him next month or next year. Until then, his victims are telling themselves how generous and respected he is in the community… That is the most enduring lesson of the Madoff scandal: in a world full of lies, the most dangerous ones are those we tell ourselves.”

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