Guest post: Mary Clare Garber

“Nonprofit board positions provide extraordinary opportunities for women to develop as leaders and to
advance themselves personally and professionally while contributing in meaningful ways to making the
world a better place,” says consultant Alice Korngold.

Korngold is the author of  Leveraging Good Will: Strengthening Nonprofits by Engaging Businesses, and she blogs for Fast Company and the Huffington Post. She will moderate a panel for ACG New Jersey’s Women of Leadership on Thursday, February 9, at 6 p.m. at the Hamilton Park Hotel, Florham Park. Admission ranges from free (for first-timers) to $115. To register visit

Why can it be valuable to serve on a nonprofit board?

“During the last decade, the nonprofit and corporate universes are coming together and collaborating.

Companies are about profits but have added an emphasis on purpose, value or meaning. Corporations
are also beginning to recognize the leadership development opportunities of encouraging and
supporting their executives who seek to serve on nonprofit boards. Nonprofits are about mission
and have added an emphasis on business strategies. As a result, people who bring business skills and
experiences are welcome additions to nonprofit boards. Commit to a board that strikes your passion and
curiosity… where you care about an organization’s mission. Go in with your eyes wide open about the
challenges facing the particular organization. Boards are accepting greater responsibility for their roles
and responsibilities than in the past.”

“Furthermore being on a nonprofit board increases your visibility for corporate boards of directors.
Many women and men start their board careers on a nonprofit board as a building block for other board

“Bring your business acumen to the nonprofit world, cultivate your leadership development skills and
apply those skills and experiences back into your current assignment. Chances are when your skills and
experience sharpen, your career advances. “

“To do this you will want to know what skills and competencies are transferable and marketable both to
businesses and board of directors.”

But, says Korngold, keep in mind that, for those who serve on a nonprofit board, “having fun is important too.”

by Mary Clare Garber, Princeton Legal Search Group, LLC

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