Troubling Issue: Why Genocide, Now?

“The 20th century was supposed to be a period of progress, yet war, famine and genocide became more pronounced in this 100-year segment of history than human civilization has fully recognized,” says Leonard Risch Winogora,, author and historian. On Sunday, March 18, at 4 p.m. at Princeton United Methodist Church at Nassau Street and Vandeventer Avenue in Princeton, Winogora will speak on “Holocaust in Our Time.” Don Brash, PUMC’s resident theologian, will moderate a free lecture-discussion, part of a monthly “Troubling Issues” series. 
With undergraduate and doctoral degrees from the Universityof Chicago, Winogora is a professor at Mercer CountyCommunity College and Burlington County College. He co-authored “Workload and Productivity Bargaining in Higher Education” and has written on such subjects as genocide in Africain post-colonial societies, the application of the ethical reasoning of medieval Jewish philosopher Maimonides in contemporary society, and the marketing of business ethics to the corporate class. He lives in Princetonwith his wife, Robbie, and two daughters.
The free lecture-discussions in the Troubling Issues series continue on May 6 with “Through Our Eyes,” a short film documenting young gay Christian experiences growing up in the churches. The series will start again in September with “Is there ever really a just war?” Parking is free on Sundays. For information call 609-924-2613, email, or go to

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