At the Mason Dixon Line of Broadcasting

Steve Inskeep and Marty Moss Cowane in the morning. Michele Norris, Robin Young, and Terry Gross in the afternoon. Robert Siegel and Kai Ryssdaal in the evening. Plus of course the weekend folks, Mike McGrath of You Bet Your Garden, Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, and Garrison Keillor. Radio personalities from NPR and WHYY kept me sane as a stay at home mom in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and in Princeton today they offer a window on the world at whatever time I can turn on the podcast.

Here’s my dilemma: I can get live broadcasts of NPR through the Philadelphia station in my kitchen, but on the other side of the house, my radio recognizes only the New York station. If I want to get excellent reception, I resort to the podcasts. That’s the good and the bad of living in Princeton — we are equidistant from two great cities but when it comes to the media, we don’t belong to either. We’re at the Mason Dixon Line of broadcasting.

To explain that — and offer encouragement — William J. Marrazzo, CEO of WHYY, will speak to the Princeton Regional Chamber on Thursday, April 5, at 11:30 a.m. on “Life after NJN: A fresh start for New Jersey public media.” He’ll tell what happened after Governor Christie closed New Jersey’s public broadcasting station and explain what the media landscape really looks like. “The NJN radio stations were an underutilized resource. We’re already seeing double-digit audience growth for the four stations along the shore,” says Marrazzo.

I’m looking forward to hearing Marrazzo because  I’m rooting for WHYY to succeed.

Looking ahead, here is a list of tantalizing events and in the interests of full disclosure — I’m indicating which ones I plan to attend. Often people go to what I tout and then expect to see me there. Nope. My eyes have always been bigger than my appetite.

Thursday, April 5, Friday, April 6, Saturday, April 7, and Sunday, April 8 Holy Week and Easter  at Princeton United Methodist Church. All welcome, hope to see you there.

 Bruce Hack, an entertainment and media entrepreneur, speaks at P.U.’s Keller Center on Tuesday, April 10 at 4:30 p.m.. I can’t be there, alas, because I will be getting ready for…

The Bystanders Dilemma: an anti-bullying program co-sponsored by Not in Our Town Princeton, the Princeton Public Library, Corner House’s Project GAIA, HiTops, and Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum on Tuesday, April 10, at 7 p.m.

Freeman Dyson leads off the distinguished speakers for a conference on Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14, on Governing Science: Technological Progress, Ethical Norms, and Democracy, I probably won’t make it. 

At the  NJ CAMA meeting on Tuesday evening, April 17 meet cool communications types and hear Glenn Gabe on search engine tactics. I heard him at a Princeton chamber event in Trenton and he gives good tips. I probably won’t see you there; that’s my yoga night and I want to hear Bill T. Jones as well.

Bill T. Jones, one of the most controversial and best choreographers, speaks three times for the Toni Morrison lecture series set for Tuesday and Thursday, April 17 and 19 plus Tuesday, April 24 at 8 p.m. at Richardson. I guarantee, even if you know zilch about dance, you will be entertained and enlightened. Free tickets are available and it’s sponsored for the Center of African American Studies.

Steve Sashihara, one of my favorite Princeton entrepreneurs (I’ve been writing about him since he started his company, Princeton Consultants, speaks at the Princeton chamber breakfast on Wednesday, April 18, at 7:30 a.m. at the Nassau Club. I’ll definitely be there.

Debbie Hart, the founder of BioNJ, gives the Distinguished Entrepreneurial Lecture at Fairleigh Dickinson on  Monday, April 23, 

On May 1, American Woman in Science New Jersey offers a free program on conquering cancer, from the scientific point of view, at Princeton High.

Since you read all the way through the calendar, you get to see my prized photo of me with the hosts of Morning Edition. From left, me, Rene Montagne, Daughter, and Inskeep in a photo from January 2007. As part of a school fundraising auction, Daughter ‘won’ a morning at Morning Edition and invited me along. It was, I can assure you, worth getting up at the crack of dawn.

Am I biased about NPR? You’d better believe it!

1 thought on “At the Mason Dixon Line of Broadcasting

  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post, Barbara. It seems as though there's an event for everyone happening in April in the Princeton area. I too, am rooting for NPR! They're the best for commercial-free news/talk/information.

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