Dotting the i’s — full disclosure

Yes, I’m retired but you wouldn’t think so from the last two issues of U.S. 1. I “come back” to do articles that are just two alluring to turn down. Last week’s was on Janet Brown, VP of Universal Display Company, which I’ve long been interested in, and had been writing about for 20 years.

This week’s was for the quintessential Easter cover, “Is God Dead, Hell No!” when I had the chance to talk to a half dozen faith communities who have expanded. Most of my words were about Ken Smith and his amazing story of growing Princeton Presbyterian Church, which stands — complete with skateboard park — on Meadow Road. Among the other congretations I talked to was my own, Princeton United Methodist Church, which stands on the corner of Nassau & Vandeventer. Somehow the “full disclosure” sentence (Full disclosure, the author is member of this church) got left out.

So I’m putting it here. Full FULL disclosure I was on the committee that raised funds for the expansion.

If you didn’t know before, now you do. Let me know if you think I wasn’t even handed.

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