Princeton’s Warren Buffet? Doll of BlackRock

Says Bob Doll to CBS News, Don’t abandon equity stocks just yet. 

The five-day downturn is only the correction he predicted, he told Business Insider.

Among the suggestions in his April report to Black Rock clients: Focus on domestic stocks.

To U.S. 1 Newspaper, for the April 11 edition, he gave 10 tips. One of them: Treasury rates will rise by two points by this time next year.

Doll is the keynote speaker who concludes the Mercer County Economic Summit on Thursday, April 12. You can register at the door for $60 if you belong to the Princeton Regional Chamber, $75 otherwise.

It’s rare to meet an investment guru, in close enough range to raise your hand and ask a question. And the afternoon (1 to 6 p.m.) features many other luminaries. But Doll — you could reasonably call him Princeton’s Warren Buffet — is the draw.

The photograph from Princeton Magazine is by Tom Grimes. 

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