Behind Every Successful Woman

Virtually every successful woman is, at some point in her life, going to be a caregiver. The eighth annual women’s caregiver retreat is Thursday, May 17 by the Family Support Center of New Jersey. To quote from the promotional material:

“Caring for the Caregiver: Put Your Oxygen Mask on First” Join us for a day of outstanding presentations, exhibits, health screenings, renewal services and much more. Seating is LIMITED. Please note a $20.00 non refundable fee for attendees is required at time of registration Click here to register today!

Bart Jackson (Bart’s Books) has released his latest business book, this one for the business woman: Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself. From the promotional material: 

From the dawn of civilization women have played a vital, necessary, and immensely powerful force in the realm of business.  Today, however, many business women, despite their increasing numbers and importance, envision themselves as newcomers into this world so long claimed as a a bastion of that strange other gender.  

This book provides businesswomen with a guide for finding success and satisfaction.  It shares the strategies proven effective by so many business leaders.  Some of the tactics are based on uniquely feminine advantages, others discuss overall techniques benefitting any owner…..

Looking ahead, the Princeton Chamber’s Women in Business group hosts branding expert Judy Lindenberger on Tuesday, May 22, at 5 p.m. at Springdale Golf Club.  From the promotional material: 

Do you know the importance of branding yourself, and getting your name out there everywhere you can? Judy Lindenberger will share the secrets to branding yourself, both the tried and true way as well as through the latest social media. The topic: “The Brand Called YOU.”

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