Moshe Budmor’s retrospective

Moshe Budmor is one of my favorite people.  In the ’80s, I reviewed the multimedia works that he and his amazing wife, Katya Delakova, staged.  He is having a retrospective concert on June 15 and a writing buddy of mine, Michele Alperin, did this terrific profile.  by Michele Alperin. I like the one Michele wrote for the Packet, even better (am waiting for it to go online). A concert of his music is June 15, 7:30 p.m., Bristol Chapel, Westminster Choir College. The concert is free. Call SAndy Sussman at 609-921-7334 or

Meanwhile two wonderful bits of his ever-so-wise advice: When you go to an interview, he was advised, “it means they like what they see and you can only spoil it through talking. if you let them talk, they feel that they had a wonderful conversation.”

And when his students performed, he would never respond to questions right away, saying, “You are my students, you deserve the truth, and right now after playing you are very vulnerable. Come tomorrow, and we’ll talk about your playing..”

Times like this — I wish I were still in the saddle and had an excuse — an assignment that perhaps I made to myself (!) — to spend a couple of hours with Moshe. I see him in passing at the Rabara Pilates studio, but wish I had more time with him, to hear for myself his amazing life story.

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