Hurray for Suzanne at the NYC Marathon!

Here is a partial list of those Princeton-area residents who finished the New York Marathon, courtesy of the Times of Trenton,  including  those at the top of the roster — and at the bottom. I will try to add more later. Congratulations to all! And as well to those who ran the Princeton Half. Wish I had been in town to see the excitement.

PS: The residential locations I chose are the areas in which U.S. 1 Newspaper is distributed. But surely there were many more runners who WORK in the U.S. 1 circulation area. Congratulate your colleague and add more names as a comment! How many of them train with Princeton Running Company?

Special congratulations to you all, especially Suzanne P. Wish I had her gumption! 

And for all you race coordinators out there (I’m thinking of the UFAR Riverblindness 5k) here are some athletes for your invite list!

26, Ryan Johns, Princeton, 02:25:08.

72, Robert Dennis, Kingston, 02:36:01.

216, Mahesh Sambasivam, Pennington, 02:47:29.

1480, William Cicoria, Jamesburg, 03:09:58.

1548, Martin Zastera, Trenton, 03:10:38.

2619, Hillary Schmitt, Princeton, 03:19:24.

3188, Russell Forsythe, Trenton, 03:22:55.

3737, John Brailsford, Princeton, 03:25:58.

4869, Yuji Hata, West Windsor, 03:30:03.

6196, Gennaro Faranetta, Lawrenceville, 03:35:24.

6779, Steven Enis, Monroe, 03:37:28.

7739, Neil Conley, Trenton, 03:40:21.

8704, Fehmeed Lodhie, North Brunswick, 03:43:27.

**** gap *****

Aditi Patel, Monroe,

Arun Prasath, Plainsboro,

John Giudice, East Windsor,

Alexandra Kachala, Monmouth Junction,

Cynthia Cirri, Trenton

Paul Legato, Princeton,

Adriane Vera, North Brunswick

Aditi Patel, Monroe,

Arun Prasath, Plainsboro

John Giudice, East Windsor,

Suzanne Podolski, Princeton.

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