Singer songwriter Charlotte Kendrick is my new fave. You’ll find out why in a future issue of U.S. 1.

Take these sweet domestic lyrics to “Thank You”

I didn’t sleep that well, neither did you
But I’m the one who gets to take a nap
It never seems to balance out quite right
You pump the gas while I stay warm and read the map

I’m gonna love you when you’re 45
I’m gonna love you when you’re 93
Maybe by then I will be
As good to you as you have been to me

Or this one, from a song called Yellow.

Take a minute, take an easy step back
There’s no secret password, no code to crack
It’s not a race or a contest, but if you’re still keeping score
You will always have less, they will always have more

This Princeton-based singer has a website that links to a nine-song loop from her three albums. Good listening…

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