Treasures in Your Button Box: next Monday

enamel man in hat $195 - CopyLarge 1 7/8 inch Battersea Pewter Racecar - face shank - FSBS 2004  $65coralene glass

Many of my friends know I collect buttons, and often they say “I have my mother’s buttons in a jar — would you look at them/” Now is your chance. Along with members of the New Jersey State Button Society, I will host a talk and hands-on demonstration, “Treasures in Your Button Box,” on Monday, January 19, 1 to 3 p.m., at Princeton United Methodist Church, Nassau Street at Vandeventer Avenue.

If you can attend, please tell me, so I can save you a seat! You may comment below or call 609-921-2774 or email For parking information, go to There will be a donation box.

You’ll see 19th century buttons made from china, shell and ivory, and also those made recently from modern materials — including rubber, plastic, celluloid, glass, and metal.  You will learn how to find and care for buttons that cost 25 cents, $25, or $250. If you bring your button box, the NJSBS collectors will tell you about them. And everyone will go home with new treasures.


3 thoughts on “Treasures in Your Button Box: next Monday

  1. A friend of mine who lives in Japan responds to this post. I had explained to her that button boxes could be nostalgic keepsakes. She reples with a charming observation:
    “A nostalgic keepsake” is a good way of illustrating the box for such purpose. Similar to the cases of keeping a pretty shell, or saving an old coin, you place the button that remembers the warm touch of your finger and it stays in the dark box, often rest of its life. It is good to know your society is giving a stage for them to shine, even for a short time before they go back to the box again.”

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